Passion for design.

I bring years of design experience to the table. Sit down with me and I will show you my passion for solving the design problem of each project I take on. I look forward to the challenge as much as I look forward to the end result. It's all a fantastic process, and that's why I'm in this game.

Madison College

Maintaining Madison College’s strong brand look and feel while performing concept, layout and creation of promotional materials and publications such as magazine and newspaper ads, billboards, posters, newsletters, brochures and digital content – to name a few. 



Thermal Design 

Continuing a brand redesign. I updated sell sheets, multi-page brochures, print ads and product labels. In addition I continued, and eventually launched, a complete redesign on their website. Which can be found here:



Packaging Redesign 

Utilizing my in-studio photography skills we updated the Lifeline USA packaging with a fresh look. Keeping in line with a clean look ideal, we achieved successful packaging for one of Lifeline USA's most successful pieces of fitness equipment, the Power Wheel.



Fitness Handles

Putting our heads together, Lifeline USA's Industrial Designer and I reinvented the display packaging for handle pairs. Having options to display on various racks, retailers appreciated this new design. 



21 Day Challenge

One of the most fun and rewarding projects I have worked on. Using the research that it takes 21 days to create a habit, we utilized a personal trainer and created a 21 minute, 21 day workout for our current and prospective customers. Combining a photoshoot that visually explains each movement to the customer, product photography, video and a web and social media campaign – we produced the 21 Day Challenge.

Interested in viewing our promotional video? Click here



Dr. Lisa Brand

Capitalizing on the popularity of her daytime talk show, The Doctors – Dr. Lisa partnered with Lifeline USA to create a product specifically targeted to women. As part of Lifeline USA's marketing of the product, it was featured on QVC. 



Body Shaper

Mackie "America's Trainer" Shilstone worked hand-in-hand with Lifeline USA to create an extremely versatile fitness product. I art directed and shot an extensive photoshoot to detail the movements and exercises this product is capable of. Packaging, sell sheets, wall posters and web and social media were all designed to market this product globally.

Freelance Projects

Pairing the mark with the client can be one of the most challenging tasks in graphic design. Capturing their essence in a simple, yet effective, design requires attention to detail and diligence. Then end result aims to satisfy the client's needs for a unified and recognizable brand.